Magnetic Lifters and Electromagnets

Automagnete produces magnetic lifters and electromagnets for lifting and handling of large and small loads, metal, capable of ensuring reliability and safety during maneuvers.

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Magnetic lifters
Ideal for carpenters

Our manually operated magnetic lifters
are the perfect solution for the handling
of sheets and ferrous material in general.
Ideal for carpenters and steel mills.

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About us
Automagnete manufactures high-quality magnetic lifters and lifting electromagnets. We meet all needs ranging from small or large companies to distributors. Competence and safety for a secure grip.

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Lifting electromagnets
Ideal for
large companies

Our electromagnetic lifters Automagnete
ensure maneuverability, reliability
and robustness for the handling
of metal loads.

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Customer service

Automagnete does not only manufacture high-quality and 100% “made in Italy” magnets but offers excellent service and maintenance to all its Clients / end-users. Electromagnetic lifters are exposed to wear and tear over time and it is important.

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Learn more
Some information and tips on lifting systems.

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