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Automagnete: guaranteed quality and control

The safety of permanent magnetic liftersAutomagnete is not only due to the quality of the materials used but to the rigorous control every lifter is subject to after its assembly and before being distributed. After being carefully assembled, all magnetic lifters Automagnete are tested by means of a Traction Unit (TU) certified by Accredia. Each lifter must ensure a safety factor of 1:3 to be suitable that is, it must have a lifting force 3 times higher than the lifter rated capacity.
Automagnete leaves nothing to chance especially when it comes to safety and quality. The TU has a capacity of 100 tons. Metrocom Engineering is the company that provides us with the data acquisition software and the certification of calibration Accredia. The testing using the TU is carried out by highly qualified personnel: the lifter is magnetized on a pure iron plate and the ring is attached to the piston; all data recorded during the test are stored with the lifter serial number.

100% made in Italy

Automagnete has a long experience in the field of products for lifting loads and manufactures permanent magnetic lifters with high-quality components. The use of cutting-edge manufacturing processes ensures the safety of our Clients and their machinery. We meet the needs of all manufacturing and distribution industries by offering, even to distributors/resellers, a product easy to recommend to end-users for its quality and safety. 
Permanent magnet lifters Automagnete are highly appreciated both by Italian and international companies for their technical and functional characteristics.