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Manually operated magnetic lifters for carpentries and steel mills

Our manually operated magnetic lifters are suitable for the handling of sheets, plates, rounds and ferrous material in general; many of our Clients are carpentries who need to handle heavy loads in small areas under total safety and without interrupting the production process. 

The specific and recommended use of the permanent magnet consists of a magnet to be attached to a lifting system (cranes, overhead cranes, hoists...).

Once verified that the load weight is compatible with the capacity of the magnet and the lifting system, the operator will activate the magnetism of the magnetic lifter by turning the lever so that the lifter becomes a single entity with the load to be lifted. 
Our Clients are:

  • Steel mills in general
  • Carpentries
  • Automotive parts manufacturers
  • Forged products manufacturers for large companies
  • Cast products manufacturers for small/large companies
  • Oil and gas manufacturers
  • Tools manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of agricultural machinery
  • Manufacturers of presses
  • Big distributors of ferrous material